Picture of Robin Carlson

Robin Carlson

PT CWS Board Certified Wound Specialist

Picture of Joanne Bowen

Joanne Bowen

RN CWS Board Certified Wound Specialist

AWC, Inc. strives to be patient advocates through compassionate and comprehensive management of the patient with a wound as well as responsible educators of those who care for them.


The Certified Wound Specialist (CWS) board certification is a formal recognition of a master level knowledge and specialty practice in wound management.

The CWS board certification is the most prestigious and rigorous certification in wound care and demonstrates a distinct and specialized expertise in the practice. The CWS credential displays to patients, employers and peers a dedication to the highest standards and achievement in wound care http://www.abwmcertified.org/


Establishing AWC in 1999 with over 45 years of combined experience, co-founders Joanne Bowen, RN CWS, and Robin Carlson, PT CWS demonstrated their compassion and desire to serve those with wounds by forming their own company. Their expertise comes from accumulated years of experience and knowledge in wound care followed by extensive formal training and national board certification. Both, Joanne and Robin were among the first in Illinois to receive such certification in 1997.


Advanced Wound Consultants, Inc strives to be a patient’s advocate through our compassion and comprehensive expertise of those with wounds as well as responsible educators of those who care for them. We recognize that those who have wounds are impacted by many factors. Our goal is to address those factors and provide the highest quality of wound care available.